Michelle Nooney is a self-taught artist based in Wichita, KS. She uses different mediums and techniques and has the ability to capture the spirit of many subjects on canvas, watercolor paper and drawing paper. Michelle’s love for animals of all kinds has inspired her to create several unique artworks.
Artist Statement
The title of my show is a Japanese word called “Ikigai” It means my reason for being. I create from a plethora of subjects, from animals to fan art and things I just like! It gives me my reason for being! A large aspect of my practice is commissions, using photos and ideas from my clients to deliver exclusive works of art. I also love drawing fan art especially Star Wars or Marvel. My artwork is part of private collections all over the country, including that of actress Selma Blair, Robin Roberts from Good Morning America and comedians Andy Woodhull, Dane Cook and Dane’s girlfriend Kelsi Taylor. I have won many awards for my art including the Merit Award, as well as the People’s Choice Award for two consecutive years, both at the Kansas State Fair.
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Images Copyright Michelle Nooney
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