Hure Tarzia Nabi is a Bangladeshi born American Artist. She was born on March 16, 1969 in Dhaka to a Nuclear Physicist dad and a School Teacher Mom. Tarzia spent most of her career working in Financial Services and Pharmaceuticals. But beneath the surface, her passion for Art always burned bright. Tarzia started painting in oil when she turned 18. Her art career started with painting commissioned work for friends and family. After she graduated High School she went on to study Business. In 1993 she graduated from the Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka with an MBA. Shortly after, Tarzia joined the Beximco Group and headed the Multimedia Dept., leading a group of animators, graphic designers and film editors. For eight years she worked in a very creative field, producing documentaries, tv commercials, CDs, interactive kiosks and websites.
In 2000 Tarzia and her husband got married and she relocated to Wichita KS. For the next decade the Artist was busy raising a family and focusing on a new career in Financial Services and Investments. She rarely found time to paint or express her creativity. Then in 2013, Tarzia was involved in a serious car crash. The sudden brush with death, re-ignited her passion for painting. She spent the next three days painting non-stop while nursing a bad concussion. A year later she launched her own Designer Handbag Company TARZIA KHAN. In January of 2018, Tarzia and her family moved to Singapore for her husband’s job. She left her full time career as a Financial Advisor and started painting in earnest. The vibrant colors of the tropical paradise inspired her new paintings. The Birds of Paradise and Orchids that grew everywhere, and the dragonflies that fluttered by the water features and pool, influenced her art. From butterflies and dragonflies, it was an easy transition into bigger wildlife paintings. Tarzia started painting her signature larger than life Wildlife portraits. While in Singapore, the artist started participating in various Juried Exhibitions and Art Expos. In her very first Juried Exhibition organized by Steckline Gallery, Newman University, one of her paintings took second prize. Tarzia was represented by two Art Galleries in Singapore, where she sold art both through galleries and privately. In the summer of 2020, Tarzia and her family moved back to Wichita. She continued to paint and participate in Juried Exhibitions and Art Competitions. In Wichita, Tarzia’s work is represented by Gallery 12. Tarzia grew up painting impressionist landscapes. But more and more her work is leaning towards realism. She loves painting water, and water is featured in many of her landscapes.

Artist Statement
It took a very long winding road to get here. In my heart I’ve always been a painter. But in my mind it was hammered in from a very young age that I had to get a practical education and make practical career choices. It wasn’t until life threw me a very unexpected curveball and we ended up moving abroad for a few years, that I realized I was free to do as I please. I was granted a tremendous gift of time to explore what fulfilled my soul. So in 2018, at the age of 48, I started painting full time. In the few brief years that I’ve been on my artistic journey, I’ve painted many different subjects in many different styles. But I’ve found that I love painting wildlife and water more than almost anything else. So naturally I thought that my first solo exhibition should showcase both!
My style has evolved tremendously and I now gravitate towards realism, often trying to push the boundaries into hyper realism. Every single painting in this show is either in acrylics or oil, and was created in the last twelve months. There are lots of big cats and lots of big waves and the underlying theme that ties everything together is my love for nature. I hope you enjoy gazing into the eyes of these beautiful lions, leopards and tigers because I poured my heart and soul into creating them. And I hope you can imagine yourself walking on a favorite stretch of beach when you look at my seascapes. It has been an absolute joy bringing you this collection of paintings.
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Images Copyright of the Artist
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